Day: December 6, 2019

Cebu vacation #Top10AmazingThingsToDo;

What are the 10 most amazing and fun things to do in Cebu for vacation? December 5, 2019 Tag; Cebu Tag; Cebu Vacation 10 things to do 10 things to do The Queen city of this out it’s not only known for its beautiful sceneries and nice beaches and beautiful people but it is also

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Gazini Ganados Miss Philippines. Is she destined to be the next miss universe?

Photos Courtesy of Google Images and Manila Bulletin I am not really superstitious believer but for entertainment purposes to relieve tension of this years’s extremely strong contenders. I will mention some of the Signs, she might be one, or is it a back to back? you decide 1. Yellow Gown. Guys when she appeared for

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